Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eventful day

Whaoa today was eventful... First of all I ditched swimming in favor of picking up my new bike. I am super happy I rode it around the block and it is super nice. The shift gear is not as smooth as Giovanna's bike but it may be due to the lower quality and the fact that the bike is brand new.
Work was good today we got praised for our hardwork and in the world of software in a non software company it is nice to hear.
Finally I picked my new glasses. It was time because each time I put my head down my old ones would fall of my nose which is highly irritating. I like my new glasses but they are not as slick as my old ones. I think I went back to the librarian look although pretty active one I may add since they are oakleys.

Finally I have to bitch a little about franklin covey. I love their stuff really especially the 2 page day wirebound planner but tell me why all the cool designs are only available as weekly planner! Now I can either have a cool looking planner or a useful one arghhhh so frustrating.
Along those lines why woman's line of stuff is cutsy, woman's bike are usually of pastel colors, helmet even for adults are pink, fleece from LLBean are declined in all shades of purple, pink, magenta cyan a palette that I aborr (except for the occasional pink)
But then again I am such an hypocrite since I am knitting a deep eggplant sweater for my daughter. But hey there are pink and pinks.
Tonight for dinner, homemade pizza yum yum yum

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