Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday grumbles...

Today wasn't a great day... First of all I am sick still at the onset stage of a cold, scratchy throat, itchy nose and lips and sneezing every 10 minutes. This plus a very hot and dry weather steered me away from the gym and my 5 miles of interval and stress reliever.
A month and half ago as I was putting my glasses on the frame just fell apart and I had to tape it together. Hello I am a software engineer but it was really too much. I went to the place I bought the glasses from and they ordered me a new frame to replace this one under the warranty. It has been like 7 weeks and still nothing. I called and oh frustration of frustration, I learned that the frame is back ordered and that actually I can't benefit from the warranty cuz it's been more than 1 year.
I love this country, you can return a pair of worn shoes to Nordstroms because the stitches came apart after an intensive 11 month of wear and they will replace it but you only have a year warranty on a pair of glasses when you are eligible for a new pair every other year.
So frustrated, I made an appointment at another optometrist hoping that my vision would not have changed enough to need new prescription but of course no such luck and so 464$ poorer I will have a new pair of glasses in a week or so.
The last episode of an already long day was the dive that our daughter decided to take off the back of the couch onto the pergo floor. She landed on her forehead and now has an egg! ouch.

I hope to have a better day tomorrow at least it is friday!!!!

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Bunny said...

hahah poor maia. glasses look stylish. can't wait to see in person.