Friday, October 31, 2008


Soooo for everyone I know Halloween means fun and for me I just realized tonight it means stress for me. This is the 4th Halloween and I am always frazzled. Maybe it has to do with a change in the routine, the fact that I have to get home earlier to get the kids in their costume go trick or treating figure out dinner afterwards, meet friends and lots of other people.... I don't get it all this should be fun and I am a wreck.

Unfortunately tonight was no different. We didn't have big plans, actually our dinner plans got cancelled for cause of illness from our guest. We were just meeting friends to go trick or treat. For some other weird reasons fridays have been blaah days lately. Today was no different. I had a long day at work, I was frustrated by misplacing my new sunglasses which are still missing (I hate that) and finally my car decided to welcome me with a series of annoying alarms. I know I was running low on gas and windshield cleaner but did it have to yell at me for not buckling an already bucled seat belt... I think it was hypoglycemic with the lack of gas and was trying to tell me go to the gas station but instead was saying buckle your seat belt buckle your seat belt. Very very irritating. That made a very interesting ride home, between the car trying to talk to me in a weird linguo, Miles trying to tell me all kinds of story, Maia screaming for her baby, the music and the weather being so hot was probably not the best way to get me all calm and relaxed!
Anyways we went trick or treating, I did unwing after 10 minutes of walking and talking to my friends and I did have real pleasant time.
The kids got loads of goodies yum.
After that I got the dinner started since I didn't work out today I made homemade tomato soup from a williams sonoma recipe the best recipe ever. Bryan got me very nicely a glass of wine, the kids got a ton of fruits and a little cheese for dinner to balance out the sugar. Did some yoga moves with Mec and Mac too funny, some jumping jacks then in bed they went still high on sugar.
After that we had a nice quiet evening in front of a few episodes of CSI with our soup, some white wine.... Pretty much like any other nights me half asleep in front of the TV and Bryan playing his computer game.
Note to self go work out when you are free on friday at lunch much better for your!
You are getting forgetful but maybe it's because your brain reached its capacity of things to think about or maybe you are just getting old.
Tomorrow is another day playdate and bike ride... Will I be adventurous on my first ride or just conservative...

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