Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm beat

OMG you would think that after running 8.5 miles last sunday a mere 5.5miles maybe even 6miles, hey I can dream can't I would be easy. Well the run wasn't that bad but the recovery is painful. Maybe it has to do with the anniversary celebration of last night with more alcohol sake than water and the light breakfast 2.3 piece of bread no lunch and a run at what 1:30pm.... Anyways besides that my exercize regimen is on track and I can say that I do feel stronger and faster than ever. Well thank you I'd be pissed otherwise. I run like 3 times week at least 3-4 miles, swim 1K once a week and bike 10 miles once a week.
Eventhough my fitness level is much better, my weight isn't budging much but hey I do feel better.

Other than that we just celebrated our 9 year anniversary. I can't believe that 9 years just went by. I know I am going to sound sooooo gagging romantic but it has been a great 9 years and I hope we have many more to come.

The kiddos are growing too fast. Maia is biking with little wheels and Miles is just zooming by. We just moved Maia from a crib to her twin bed and she almost clean at night.... Where did my babies go? Well maybe they turned into the cutest ever how did that happen the wonders of genetic ahahaha.

With everyone around me pregnant celebrating their 1-3 years anniversary getting married I do feel a little old for my 33 years. So my answer is to work out.
On this note I am going to try to recover from that stupid run where I gave up 100yards from the end! I mean come on how could I do that!!! the wind maybe or just my body saying huuuu can't we just go dring a glass wine instead.
Tonights program, glass of wine in front of BONES love that show along with CIS, CIS NY, NCSI, and so many more it is impressive how many shows we are watching lately with no TV/CABLE

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