Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Me too me too...

Me too I had some accomplishments today just a small one really I finally swam 12 laps non stop in freestyle at the end of my 44 laps swim session... yeah yeah. When I started 8 weeks ago I was able to swim 1 lap free style 5 breastrokes, 2 free style etc... I still have to tackle the open water part of the triathlon challenge and I am delaying that one as long as possible.

On the other hand I am starting to get a cold, scratchy throat and itchy nose are a give away. I hope it won't affect me too much and I will still be able to run this week maybe not the 12 miles intended (in 2 sessions) but we will see.

Tonight I cooked Chocolate Chip Banana bread for the kids and us and I even took a picture that will be added a little bit later. The kids are in bed, for once the dinner is almost done instead of getting started, a 2nd glass of red wine is calling me and NCIS is waiting for us.

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JV said...

Athletic accomplishment, chocolate chip banana bread AND wine, too??? That sounds like the perfect day to me! Yay for us today!