Saturday, October 25, 2008

Marathon saturday

What a day... We woke up at 7:30am were ready at 8:15 to all go for our 5-7 miles run which was nice although my knee started bugging me at mile 4 :( and so I had to stop at miles 5, which brings my monthly mileage at 50! Maybe I will reach 60 by the end of the month.
One thing for sure is that I need to start doing yoga at home once a week to strech my legs better.
After a quick shower we headed out for a play date while hubbie went surfing. After a few hours of playing, a few drama back to the house, the kids took nap while I ran to Tradder Joes for my weekly grocery outing to stock up on a bunch of goodies. On the way I stopped at a bike store to 1- buy some bike shorts 2- buy some more of the GU and 3- gawk at bikes.
Tada this is the object of my "convoitise" don't know the word in english on sale from 1200$ to 800$

It would have been cool if the actual bike was that color....
The big question now is am I a good girl and I wait until christmas like I said and ask Santa a bike for my christmas and my birthday, save money over until christmas and have the remainder of the bike as a christmas present or will I be a bad girl and jump on this deal. Anyways I am looking forward to my ride tomorrow, I think I will do the ride I wanted to do last week and who knows maybe I won't have to get off my bikes in the hills!!!!!

After the grocery shopping and my gawking we had a halloween party to go to. Gosh I hate crowds that I don't know. I always find myself sit in a corner wondering when I can leave.
It was really nice party.
In a little bit the kids will go to bed and we will have a nice quiet evening with some wine/beer and a nice episode of Bones. Ahhh I love those evenings at home.

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Bunny said...

wow 1200 to 800 is an amazing deal!! bike looks very speedy. that's all i know about bikes :).