Friday, October 24, 2008

Dilemna dilemna dilemna

Ah the difficulty of being a somewhat reasonnable woman. So I need a very pretty dress for Bunny's wedding and today on Hautelook's BCBG sale I found that very pretty navy blue dress

I have always wanted a navy blue dress, it was at a very reasonnable price of 130$ and I had the approval of my husband. But yet I didn't purchased it... The size weren't quite right and I could not try it on... When deep down I really would like a bike, I just spend quite a lot on glasses and I am simply shopped out.

How can a woman be shopped out? Don't worry bunny I'll have a nice dress for your wedding.

1 comment:

JV said...

Shopped out??? Someone get Sophie to a medic, dammit, I think we can still save her!