Monday, October 13, 2008

Thoughts on food.

I love food but most of all I love good tasty food. Doesn't have to be rich, doesn't have to be junk doesn't have to be sweet. It can be a good homemade soup tomato, or even zuchini, can be a saussage risotto, simple pasta with roasted onion, porsciutto and a little cream and parmesan (my latest recipe and a big winner). I honestly don't remember the last time we had junk food without travel involved, because lets face it a big mac is much more appealing to me than airplane food ; )

I lucked out since I grew up with a mom who cooked every night more than just throwing something in the oven or the microwave and I love checking out new recipes.

Last week was our 9 year anniversary since it was on a thursday we had a nice dinner at home and the next day we went out to sushi our all time favorite.

For our dinner in I made some steak with a really really nice red wine sauce. I cooked the steaks then I sauteed some onion in some butter (usually I would have used olive oil) added some fresh thyme, deglaced the brown bits with some red wine and 1 teaspoon of veal demi glace. Let it boil a little bit then I thicken the sauce with butter. You gotta love french chefs, you either bind the sauce with butter or lighten it with creme fraiche. Anyways it was absolutely delicious I served it with some potato pancakes yummy. We had a really nice wine bottle with that.

On friday night we feasted on special sushi from the bar at Sushi Ota. I still haven't understood japanese food so different from occidental food and so delicious.

On saturday we went for a run (see previous post) with a very painful recovery and so I needed something good but easy for a late dinner. I decided to sauteed some onion in olive oil, sliced some prosciutto, and cooked for awhile. Meanwhile I boiled some water and cooked some pasta. I added the onion mixture to the pasta, a dash of cream and some parmesan.

On Sunday we had people over and I cooked a pork roast with lemon zest, thyme, rosemary, sage and white wine with mash potato, for dessert we had a simple chocolate mousse.

Tonight it is soup night and I think I will make a cauliflower soup/veloute with sauteed onion and prosciutto.

Sorry bunny no pictures. I know how much you love pictures of meals but I honestly really never think about it ; )
Hmmm now I am hungry... time for the kiddos to take a bath and go to bed and then we can feast on some cauliflower soup yum yum...

Lastly I know I am very opiniated and although I have about 10lbs to lose to get to my weight of 10 years ago 108lbs for 5foot 2. I am always amused by people who don't use butter or cream because it is "unhealthy" but yet drink soda, eat store bought pizza and all kinds of other food.

It seems that what works for me is rather small portion of good food which often involves a little cream and butter.

On that thought my glass of white wine is calling me, my kids need to be put to bed and my evening with my husband needs to get starting although he is singing Hey Julie from fountain of Wayne wait oh wait would he remember the whole song heheheh
Lets put Buzzlighter to bed!

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