Friday, June 4, 2010


Since IT guru was out of town for a bit and that the floor guys decided to unplug the cable modem to do the floor in the guest bedroom... I was left disconnected! You might think well how come a software engineer can't figure out how to reconnect her internet! Well I find comfort in being a completely IT retarded software engineer! There is also only enough room in our household for one full geek and B got that title ;)
So here I was by myself with no internet and lots to blog about!

In brief the house is done well the floor that is. It is absolutely stunning! Now we just have to put it back together get rid of the stuff that cluttered it all. I also have to tackle the highest pile of laundry I have ever accumulated in my entire adult life! I am not looking forward to that.

I need to sell a bunch of things on craigslist I need to buy a few items although thunderfingers is really helpful in that arena! She will teach me how to be a good bargain shopper something that I never had time to be!

More on the projects and the house in a later post...

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