Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bad hair day....

So we just finished a new episode well two new episodes of CASTLE. I just love that show. It isn't late enough to sleep. Although if my head touched the pillow it would take me a whole 10 seconds to fall asleep with the lights on! What I really want to do is read but well I don't have a book handy. They are all buried in a box or in a pile in the house. I just read all the new posts of my favorite blogs. Various race reports, epic workouts, beautiful remodel every facets of my being have been satiated, well almost.
Anyhow what is left to do, is to share with you some disconcerting news. I am getting old and I'm not sure I like it. I know I know I look so young, I mean I get carded all the time. The Von's cashier refused to sell me beer with an expired driver's license. Come on if a teenager is going to get a fake idea don't you think they will stay in the early twenties range not go for 35!
But here it is I am passed 35 yes my 36 birthday is little ways away. I have now joined the rank of the tough age group in triathlon. 35-39 is one of the best age group in triathlon. Much faster than their10 years younger siblings. I wish I had known that when I started thinking about triathlon 10 years ago!
I know I'm getting older, the kids are growing up so fast, I have bags under my eyes and I can see some wrinkles. What I find hard to swallow is the realization that dying my hair isn't the answer to a "I need a change" blues but more like holy crap I have a lot of white hair and I need to do something!
On that note I will put away the laundry I folded woot woot and put my head on the pillow.

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