Saturday, June 12, 2010

Biting a bit more than I can chew

I am realizing that maybe just maybe I bit a bit more than I could chew. Unfortunately I have only so many hours in the day to do all the things I want to do and well maybe I'm spread a little too thin. Also I have to say that my last triathlon wasn't the joyful experience I was expecting. I absolutely hated hated the swim and it was only 450m long! the bike was fun but oh so windy and the run was a bit miserable because of the nausea! Then are the ocean swim that send me in a total panic mode hours before going in the water. I am wondering why I am doing this to myself. First of all I like to try things, I like to get myself slightly out of my comfort zone. Starting triathlon totally got me to a strict workout schedule and I love that.
I believe, depending on what my coach says, that next season I will be focusing on running and keep biking a bit. I am starting to love running and well I do love biking. I'd like to improve and well I do have a lot to learn. So I will keep working with my coach because I absolutely love it but I won't subject myself to scary ocean swims!
I do not feel like I failed. I do not feel like I am quitting. I am just changing my direction slightly.
This will also remove the two longest workouts of my week and I will probably be able to do some strength workouts.

Since B won't let me quit on my scheduled race darn I am starting to freak out big time for Sunday in two weeks! I mean I hated every meter of the 450M swim and this one is twice as long.

On another note, I picked up the outrageously expensive fabric I ordered to redo the old rocking chair and I just did it. It took me a whole of 15minutes and it looks great. I'd like to clean up the wood a bit and maybe re-stain it slightly. However B would like me to first make that white cover pronto since he is hoping that will get rid of the grandma smell.
Anyways hopefully I'll have some more pix because I have quite a large number of projects and I'm really planning on making them all... Might take me a bit of time but I didn't give myself some crazy deadlines ;)

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