Friday, June 4, 2010

Connected at last...

Hubby's back and so is the Internet! I know isn't it lame for a girl who would like to be oh so independent to rely on her better half to connect to the Internet!
So anyhow we are having quite a problem with the movies... I have no idea what causes it but basically every once in a while the voices are all muffled! The background music and the image are quite fine but then the dialog just doesn't go through! It happened to me yesterday while watching "Sweet Home Alabama". I thought it was due to the age of the movie. Especially since I watched Sliding Door with no problems.

Then today we were watching Leap Year and it did it again with a brand new blue ray movie! How annoying. I hate it when technology betrays us. We strive on technology!

Anyways I cooked a lot these past few days. It started super duper healthy and then well it was so healthy anymore....

On Wednesday night I made some red quinoa chicken salad, followed shortly by another quinoa salad this time with a bunch of veggies.
The next day I cooked small potatoes, fried some bacon and shitake mushrooms, then sprinkled some blue cheese. I had some green salad to go with it! But then I had the remainder of the potato mixture and some ice cream oops....
Lunch today was also quite healthy big salad but that left me quite hungry... so it was shortly followed by a small bag of Cheetos (oops). Then it was the beginning of the end, I gorged on mozzarella cheese then a bit of homemade pizza from the kids and finally dinner! Lets blame the periods for the binge and hope it will be short term thing because I really really would love to lose those 5lbs!
B wanted something good and healthy. I made some pork loin with some Asian sauce, baby bok choy, shitake mushrooms and some rice.
So I have a bunch of pictures for all those meals well for some of it but then I need to figure out how to get the pix out of my iPhone first!
Anyhow we have sooo many projects to do this week end. At the top of the list, laundry, getting my wing back chair, training/exercise, cut a whole in the back of the entertainment center, fix the kids bed, organize the house just a bit then maybe we will have time to start making a shoe rack for the downstairs bedroom!

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