Friday, June 4, 2010

Dilemna dilemna

So when I saw this transformation in that post I decided that our IKEA chair in our bedroom will disappear and I will tackle the following transformation project.

I stumbled upon this chair on Craigslist but it is quite far away and is 75$. There is something about it I love. The feet the overall feel of the chair really appeal to me. However after buying the fabric etc... the project will be about 150$.

Thunderfingers found this one which is half the price. I don't like the overall shape as much. I really don't like the bottom. However the price is tempting since when all done I'll probably be under 100$.

Will it matter once covered???

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chacha said...

The only noticeable difference I see is between the two is the "wingy" part... but once it's covered - it's not a perfect fit - it's going to be loose. I don't think you'll notice much.

But if you think you'll be thinking about how you should have gotten the "better" one, then go for it - it's worth the 40-50 bucks for your peace of mind.