Sunday, June 13, 2010

Calories and Calories

I never believed in every calories are born equal. Hey I'm a food snob what do you expect?
So on the week end we workout quite a lot... Even though today I cut about 45min out of my workout but my legs are really really sore.
So this morning I made waffles and not your ole plain waffle... just the most mouthwatering melting in your mouth waffles...

Then we nibbled on some a bit of pita bread, some hummus... And dinner not healthy but the yum factor was off the chart, still decided if I'm gonna go for seconds. Here you go it isn't healthy but I am still firm believer in calories are not all born equal...

Cut some bacon (about 4/5 strips) choose the meatier ones because fat doesn't taste that good.
Slice 1/2 onion
saute until the bacon gets all crispy.
Add some fresh thyme, some sage...
Remove most of the fat come on lets not get carried away
Then either cook some gnocchies or some finger potatoes or maybe even some ole plain pasta...
If you chose the potatoes slice them and sautee, if you chose the gnocchies saute too... didn't try the pasta.

Once done sprinkle some blue cheese and voila serve that with a glass of red and enjoy!
Yum Yum.... Yesterday I totally binged on my rice balls (sorry bunny I was too busy eating and I forgot the pictures).

OK need to finish my dinner and watch "Burn Notice" hmmmm happiness ;)

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