Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why do we do such crazy things

Last night I sent an email to a friend to wish her good luck for her half marathon. She emailed me back at 3am saying, look at me getting ready at 3am why do we do such crazy things!
I have no idea but we do it and once we are done, we do it again!

The other day at daycare I was talking about my training with a dad and how I bailed after going up Torrey Pines 3 times when I had to go 5! Another mom said that I must feel so empowered after I'm done! I guess so most of the time during though it can be tough.

Today my coach wanted me to do a 3H00 ride, with 4x10 min hill repeat (90 sec in saddle, 30 sec standing) as HARD as possible, then 1 30 min interval (15min 70rpm harder gear low tempo straight into a 100rpm easier gear high tempo).
B went surfing so I lazed around, posting some pix of the remodel. I had two toasts for breakfast and a cup of coffee. Probably not enough for a 3H00 hard ride. I started getting ready at 11am... As I was getting ready I remembered that my cadence/speed monitor didn't work anymore. This was going to make the second part of the workout hard. I decided to stop by Performance Bike on the way to Torrey Pines. My legs felt tight and being blind is a little tough as I always feel I'm as slow as a turtle!

Anyways they could not fix my cateye but I changed my cleats.... Once I got back on my bike I realized that it is tough to unclip new cleats pedals. I started panicking not being able to unclip my shoes... I stopped for a little bit almost giving up on my ride and practice unclipping several time...
I went diligently to Torrey Pines and up I went.... and it was hard and I was wondering why I wasn't interested in going to the spa or walk... But no I want to be fast and I want to be good and so that's why you'll find me suffering most sunday afternnon on my bike. Sometimes I'll have a big smile sometimes I'll be grunting other blubbering!
Today was blubbering day.... I made 2:30 hours out of the 3:00 because we had to go to a birthday party and because well my legs were just done! Maybe just maybe two pieces of toast are just not enough fuel for a mid-day ride. The nutrition is still quite a work in progress.

Yesterday's run was good though... The low HR was a bit slower than I wanted but I was really pleased to see that I was able to run at threshold (so not all out) at 7:30 min/miles a bit downhill for 2min ;) I don't know at all how this translate on race day but it is always nice to see...

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