Sunday, June 6, 2010

Master Bedroom

So the floors have been done, a new chair has been bought as well as a new rug. Most of the furniture is back but not the clutter... I hope we can keep it that for a while although I can see some pile of crap creeping on the dresser.

Sitting area before

Sitting area after... Both of the chair can fit but the style and color clash big time. B baptized the new chair "vagina color" color and the IKEA chair is just plain. I'm hoping that a white slip cover and a nice accent pillow will bring them together. The new chair is super comfortable and exactly what I was looking for. The kids love it too. Hopefully I will tackle those slipcovers shortly.

Desk with no computer before

Desk area after... We totally fell in love with this Pottery Barn rug and we bought 3 so far! One for the family room, one for the dining room and finally this one. It works it priced OK, not cheap but outrageously expensive either.

Things left to do:
  • Figure out a dirty laundry system that works
  • Make a white slip cover for the new chair and the IKEA chair
  • Make a bed cover
  • Maybe make a bookshelf for the wall behind the IKEA chair.
  • Keep the bedroom clutter free if possible.
But I have to say now the bedroom is also a place to spend some quality time.

1 comment:

chacha said...

Floors look great!

Vagina color - that's funny. Well, soon enough it'll be just white.