Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shark bait

First of all love the new styles offered by blogspot so much more stylish/artsy than before.
This week started like hell on the work front and finished on a better note! So we are back to a very focused me which means less blog stalking! On the bad front our home computer crashed, our microwave decided to quit and when I decided to ship back my Michael Kors sandals I realized that well the 21 days were expired. So I'll have to keep my teal blue sandals.

However we caught a break when they updated the hard drive that crashed for nothing, when B's cousin booked us in a motel closer to her wedding location and 35% of the cost!

Training has been going well. I had a tough run on tuesday. LP wanted me to put the treadmil at 1% warm up 10min, then run 1M Hard, 5 min easy then 1/2M at least 30 sec per miles faster then 5 min easy and do it again! I completed the 1M Hard at 8min/mile, the 1/2M at 7:20 but when it came to do it again I came undone after 0.6M!
The next day was BRICK... 10 min WU on the bike, 10 min WU run then 4x 1min interval hard on the bike followed by 30 sec easy, and 3min Hard run do it 3 times. I was going to call it quit after the 2 time I even stopped my watched. I pulled all I had of energy left climbed back on my bike and went around the block once more!
Finally today was a ocean swim hence the title of that post. Each time I think ocean an awful shark image pops into my head. Anyways it was great, I went with two guys from work. They were super patient with me and stopped lots of time and stuck with me. I was actually having fun!
Tonight my lovely neighbour cooked too much meatloaf and shared with us. Yummy..
Tomorrow we are going out and I am running 45 min with bunny yeah!
Now I'm beat and I going to read and probably crash very very quickly.

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Bunny said...

love the new layout! thanks for dragging my butt out to run today