Monday, June 21, 2010

quick update

My vacation is quickly approaching but yet a few things have to happen before I can even begin to get ready. First of all big deadline at work, it is in good shape and I'm hoping to finish two days before the deadlines but still. Second of all big triathlon well for me, my first close to Olympic distance is upon me. Thank god for my coach I'm in a much better state of mind than for my first race of the season. Lets face it there is not much more I could have done so well what will happen will happen.

Since I have a big deadline at work well my beloved son who didn't get sick once all school year was sick on his first day of summer! I felt bad for him because that day he was supposed to stay a friend of his. He was so excited about it. Instead he spent 1 hour on their couch sleeping before I picked him up :( Strep throat. But as a kid he got his antibiotic and was good the next day yay!

My legs are trashed! Went for my run on Saturday, then did my whole bike ride on Sunday but completely died after 10min of my BRICK on the run. I walked home.... I finally brought my bike to the store and I am ashamed to say that most of my derailleur issue were caused by all the dried up sugar from my energy drink spilling and me not cleaning yuck! But also a couple of loose screw. It now rides super smooth.
I also learned that it isn't normal to be trapped in your clips and that un-clipping should cause bruising! 180$ later I had new pedals and clips. I have to say that it is nice to be able to un-clip easily.

Taper week is here and I get to run with Bunny tomorrow, Nevertap weaseled her way out of our run once more but for weights so I'll forgive her.

On the house front, well not much. I did fold a couple of laundry load then everything went south again. I can't find the perfect laundry solution. So I have to think about it. It has to be easily reachable for the clothe to make it in there. It has to have two compartments one for the white and one for the dark it has to be pretty and not take too much space.

I did make the mat for the picture of B's mom and I put it in the frame. It now hangs above our console table completely off centered but ah well.

The books are still in the dining room along with the kids toys. Maybe we will tackle that next Saturday. It should be a nice distraction from the upcoming race. Yikes, I will wake up before 5 twice in 4 days! Not right not right.

It will be my longest event to date. I'm expecting a finish time anywhere between 2:20 for bestest case scenario and 2:45.... 2:30 being more likely

Here I can't have a picture-less post. On Saturday we went shopping for more workout clothes. I bought two sport bra bringing the total number of sport bra I own to 4! I now am the proud
owner of 4 full running outfit, and a couple extra long sleeve running shirt!
Here are a picture of my latest acquisition
The picture doesn't do it justice as it looks more like olive green than the bright color it is. I'm more of a black/gray/navy girl. I love touches of color for accessories or tops. But for some reason this pair of short just called my name. I wish my running shoes matched the outfit
Good night!

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Bunny said...

oh cute. i think i have those same shorts but in red. very comfy!