Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thank you america

For forcing a poor soul work at a cash register at night and thus savings a bunch of forgetful parents! I love to have a grocery store open 24/7.
This the mom talking to you... the mom who at 10:45pm remembered the "sharing lunch" happening on Monday. The mom who had a mild panic attack when she realized that the little friend wished to have for lunch
  • 1/2 PB&J check
  • Grape Juice thanks the MEC check
  • Cheetos yikes we don't let that crap, good delicious but nonetheless crap, in the house
  • Brownies oops didn't make any...
So here I am ready to go to bed but instead dumping my PJ pants and running to Von's hey while I'm there I can pick up the eggs, the heavy cream items forgotten from our first grocery shopping trip earlier that day.
As I pulled out of the parking lot, sick in my stomach to be buying Cheetos and brownies for an overweight little girl when these items never make it in my shopping cart Von's, a thought crosses my mind... Wait a minute Monday the 14th... hmm but tomorrow is only Monday the 7th. The fleeting feeling of pride for a mom saving the day is quickly replaced by the Duh moment of the we have to not forget NEXT week...
In the mean time the Cheetos are hidden in our cupboard really really far from our finger. One brownie will be saved for the kids the rest will be shared with my office mate.
But hey I got to eat some cherries tonight so all isn't lost. On these words I will be going to bed because now I am tired and it is late!

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