Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So I love to cook. I find it relaxing and it also gives me a nice feeling of accomplishment. I like to create new simple recipes. I just love it.
Lately I made some jams strawberries/blueberries! I know it isn't the season and strawberries are expensive right now but I like the idea of making and eating my own jam. I still have to learn how to perfect my recipes. This batch is pretty good though.
I also made some pierogies last night. I love those things and I am really sad Trader Joes discontinued them. Every now and then I do like to make a batch. My last batch ended up in the trash since they all glued to one another making a big mess. This time instead of piling them up I made a single layer.

When sharing my love of cooking to some coworker I was a little puzzled at the reaction of some. They were poopooing the fact what I do. I hate that especially when they don't do it themselves, when they are less healthy (or at least look less healthy than I do). I do it because I love it that's it let me have my fun ;)

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Bunny said...

who was poopooing?? they should poopoo to themselves

mmm perogis...sounds delicious!