Saturday, February 13, 2010

A wreck!

and the wreck is me! So a few days ago I bruised my tail bone badly since it is still painful to sit in certain positions, get out of the car and such. As a result of that stupid injury I pinched a nerve in my upper back which resulted in a kinked neck! Finally this morning I wanted to take MAC on my back since he doesn't like walking on the wet concrete around the pool before his swimming lesson. I don't know if he grew that much in the past few weeks, or if I wasn't positionned properly but here we go falling off. I land on my right thumb then on my butt which was already sore!
Anyways after lying on the floor for a little bit since I felt woozy again, my thumb throbbed all morning!. Finally at 5pm, I don't have a kinked neck any longer, my thumb isn't hurting much at all anymore and my tail bone either. The ibuprofen probably helped a little and I have to say I feel a heck of lot better! Yay!
Now I'm ready for some wine, food and friends!

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