Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Training Week 2

So after a little adjustments on the time I actually have to train and still do all the other things. The new training plan was
Mon Off
Tue 1500M swim
Wed 50min run with some hill workout on a 12% incline!
Thur 50min bike workout
Fri 1700M swim
Saturday 2H00 bike ride with lots of hill repeat followed by a 30 min run with some intervals
Sunday 1:20 run slow slow and then 15min core training!

So I was so happy when on saturday evening my injuries felt better and I was glad to get into the water today. I was a little sad to see the long course especially with my sprint workout but also because it means less lanes to swim in. I was also distraught when I saw that a whole lane was occupied by two older lady bobbing in the water at lunch time!!!! Anyways I found a lane to swim in and I started my workout. I did everything but I feel so so sluggish.

I felt pretty good myself until I talked to a coworker who is active but not as much as I am, who taught herself how to swim but still manages to swim 2000yds in 60min when I believe I swam 1600yds in 50min! Arghhhh so frustrating! I should not care about what other people do or not do but this is really a work in progress. In other word I totally suck at it!

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