Sunday, February 21, 2010

My hardest run ever...

Today I did my hardest run ever. And for you people too intimidated to come run with me it wasn't a 6M at 8:30min/miles. Today I had to keep my heart rate low, between 111-130! That was tough not from physical stand point but my ego took a beating today! I ran a 5.1M at 16 min/miles. Yes you read correctly! A pace that I wouldn't even consider running before today! I wasn't even able to keep my heart rate in the right zone too! My heart was beating a tad too fast!
It was a nice run, I barely broke a sweat I tried to focus on my gait. I could feel my legs at the end of the run. It was what it was supposed to be a nice easy run. I just wish that I was in a good enough shape to do those at 10 min/miles! Now I know what a run with me feels like for B.
After that I did some core exercise and again I felt inadequate and awkward because it is the first time through the routine and the first time doing core in like 5 years!
This run made me cry! I know it was needed and I know I'll have others and I know it is going to take me a long time to bring my pace up while keeping my HR down. I am so glad I have a coach because I wouldn't have the strength to do it alone. I am so worried of what people think when they see me. At least I can keep chanting in my head I'm following a training program I have to do this, this is how I will get better! Also on the bright side I believe the low heart zone is the fat burning zone!
So to cheer me up I decided to do something that I'm good at cook us a good comfort meal. I decided on slow cooked beef in wine with sweat mashed potatoes.
At least today I'm not famished!
I also went online to try to understand this whole low HR thing and found this article about a well respected triathlete. It made me laugh since it is exactly how I felt today but it seems like it will work sooo stay tune for more training updates.

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