Sunday, February 21, 2010

Discovering San Diego

Saturdays we do the errands, the long training etc... Sundays we decided to explore, go hike, go to seaworld etc... Today B wanted to go explore down south and go to IB through Coronado. We left around 11am and drove down the weather wasn't beautiful but it make it all the better. I love Coronado. I love the little houses and the small town feeling. We drove down silver strand and today driving by the beach reminded us of our trip up North. We walked down the pier in IB which is super long and much more stable than the one in PB. Yesterday while waiting for the tires to be changed on my car we went to the pier in PB to watch the waves. With each big waves we could feel the pier move underneath our feet.
After our little discovery we drove around in IB a little then when back to Coronado to have lunch at the Coronado Brewing Company. I had a crab and shrimp melt and B a tuna melt. It was really nice.
The week end is already done and tomorrow another week will start!

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