Monday, February 22, 2010

Swim workout

So today I had my first workout of week 3. I looked at my training for the week to come and I had to rearranged a few things because of Parent-Teacher conference tomorrow at lunch. But with the rearrangement I have no days off so I can tell you the 16 min/miles run yesterday was welcome :)
So I hate when I'm in the pool and the fat old guy next to me blows by me! I know I know when am I going to learn not to care who is going faster than me etc... but still.
Besides that I did the workout to the dot. It was pretty much uneventful besides drinking half the pool and needing to pee 3/4 through the workout!
Overall I'm starting to get the hang of it and my weight is happily creeping up and my body fat hopefully will continue decreasing!
My abs arte sore from my flimsy attempt to go through my abs routine and my legs are tight so stretching is a requirement tonight along with some laundry!
Tomorrow more hill workout on the bike!

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