Saturday, February 20, 2010


So in week 2 of training the most noticeable thing is the high degree of hunger that seems to hit me after each one of my workout. I eat my meal but this seems to do little to help. My kind coworker have a wide choice of candies which I would rather not eat!. This is something that I have to work on. So today as usual I ate too little before my big workout. I had a chocolate chip bagel and a coffee at 10am. I left for my ride at 1pm with nothhing else in my belly and two bottles of some endurance drink maybe 200 cal per bottle. My coach asked me to consume 300 cal for each hour of bike workout. But the water girl who consumes 100 cal for a 2h00 ride has lots of adjustments to make. So anyhow after 4 Torrey Pines hill repeats and a little more riding followed by a 25min run I was famished. A bowl of pasta at 4:30pm with a granola bar didn't make a dent in this hunger!
Also since it looks I'll be running often after riding I need to try to find a running skirt or something because running in my bike outfit is plain ugly.
Besides working out, we went out on a date night yesterday which was so nice. We played pool at the Society in PB and eventhough I'm getting better very few balls reached their wholes :( We finished the evening at the bar at Sushi Ota for some delicious specials. Always a pleasure!
This morning MAC started in his new swim class! He was very shy at first because he is now with the big boy but he did very well. MEC was fine too.
We went to PB to change the front tire on my car and walked on the pier to look at the ocean. The day was beautiful the water clear a little chilly and some clouds but overall very pleasant walk.
Work has been a little quieter since I delivered my two big projects last week! I am getting started on a new one and it is going to be both challenging and exciting!
We are counting down the weeks until my parents arrival Yay!!!!
Besides that my laundry is still a disaster area. I walk by it every day pretending it doesn't exist and hoping that a laundry fairy will come at night to clean up!
I haven't been cooking anything super duper special this week and I'm ashamed to say that the kids have been eating "Rabioli" a little too many times this week.
I'll try to organize myself a little better next week.

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