Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Training Week 1

So some of you may know that I decided to bite the bullet and work with a coach for the next few months. I hired Lesley Paterson who finished second at the Xterra world championship being sick like a dog two weeks before! She is this small scottish girl with a ton of energy, fire and toughness that I hope will rub on me. Besides being a professional triathlete she also writes/produces movies. Anyways I am intrigued by her personality and I thought we could work well together.
The other reason why I decided to go with a coach is that since I mostly workout by myself I thought it would be kindof nice to have some more motivation to go the extra minute. Lastly I thought that a professional eye may help me structure and focus my workout since I don't have much time I need to be super efficient.

Anyways here I am sunday night receiving my first week of workout after a 2 weeks off doing anything and 16 weeks mostly running 2x4-5M and 8-12M on the week end.
Monday: 45 min swim with some speed work etc...
Tuesday: 50min run focusing on a max Heart Rate Test. 15min warm up, then set up 9% incline on the treadmill, start 1min at 145 bpm, 1min at 155bpm, 1min at 165 bpm, 1min at 175, 1min at 180 and finally 1 min all out!, 10 min jog, then 6x 1min hill repeat at incline 9% with 1min recovery jog/walk focusing on the form and finally then 5min warm down.
Wednesday 1:00 bike trainer
Thursday: 45 swim in the am, 45min weight training in the evening
Friday: 50 min run interval training
Saturday: 2H00 bike ride
Sunday: 1h00 bike trainer (spin class type exercise) followed by 1h00 easy slow run.
Pfff. I have to confess when I saw I panicked. No way I can sustain that kind of exercise regime for 5 months! B said the same thing. After a few chat with my coach I told her I would do all to almost all of what I had down and we will se how it goes.
Monday I did most 1300 yards out of 1500 yards of my swim training. I say only most because I forgot the piece of paper describing the workout and I couldn't access it off my phone. Today I did most of my run I only managed 4 of the 6 last hill workout and I walked most of the recovery because man a 9% incline on the treadmill is steep. Today I learned that I'm going to have to put my pride in my pocket and focus on my HR instead of my speed. I'm doing most of my runs at 80-100% of my max HR.
Tomorrow since I have a parent teacher conference I will do 30-40min of my bike session.
Since the pool is closed no ealy AM swim (thank god!) so I will combine my friday run with a weight training and do 30-40 min run and 30 min weights.

Besides that work is still completely crazy! I'm hoping it is going to calm down a bit before the second wave hits.
Home is going well. The kids are behaving somewhat. We have been doing a lot as a family so that is nice.
I received my boots but instead of making my legs look nice and long it makes me feel small and sturdy so I will be returning them which is kindof good actually.

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