Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday night already....

I know I sound like a broken record but oh boy where does time fly? I mean I looked at bunny's site and realize that my last post was 3 days ago but wait I feel like I posted yesterday.
So what is going on in my wonderful life for me to not see time go by... Well not that much but we are still really busy and it always feel good when I can finally sit down for 10 minutes and write something.

On monday I had my second life coaching session which was part of a gift certificate. For those who know me I am very skeptical of those things and also very proud. I don't need help I can do it all and if I get help then it removes a little from the pleasure of succeeding like I cheated. I know twisted but anyhow.
I have to say that I am very glad that I had those 2 hours. Although it is not something I will pursue at this time it is something that I may consider later when I have a little more time and cash.
The thing that makes me happy is that eventhough I always doubt myself, can't find myself and feel lost and confused I do deep down know who I am and live by the core qualities that make me. But I can tell you that the layer around the core is a real turmoil of questions, self doubts etc...

Besides that I went for my interval session on tuesday and was proud of a 5 miles run until I my other half told me he just ran 6.4 miles which included climbing up Torrey Pines hill the tough way (inside hill).
I hate him well not really I am just really JEALOUS because I can't do that. Well maybe I can one can wish upon a star no...
We were wondering with Bunny who the heck just goes for a run at lunch and goes down Torrey Pines than up just like that.
Today I went for my swim and managed my kilometer and swallowed half the pool in the process. Well maybe not quite but it is how I feel after a swim.

Although I don't like talking about politics I have to say that I was really happy for Obama to have such a clear victory I am hoping for a brighter future. On a sadder note I can't believe prop 8 passed. I mean don't we have more important problems/issues in California than worrying about gay marriage. Let them be and lets worry about why art programs are cut out of our schools, why working people don't have medical insurance etc... Grrr... should have taken care of my citizenship and voted1
Back to life and cooking a new chicken noodle recipe with oyster flavor sauce, hoisin sauce and brocolini.

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