Sunday, November 2, 2008

Race day

Today we went to the Susan Komen race for finding a cure agains breast cancer. When talking to Jessica a few weeks ago I was so high on running on the treadmill at a 9 min/mile pace and started thinking that I could run 3 miles at 9/9:30 min/miles. Then we learned that the race ends with a pretty big hill and Bryan signed up too so since he is pushing the stroller with 2 kids we decided to just run it.

First of all it was really cool to run that race and I am very proud to finally have taken a morning of my year to join a cause. Also I forget that this is also for my mom who is breast cancer survivor and my brother in law who is surviving a non Hodgkins Lymphoma. To be honest with you I never think of my mom as a breast cancer survivor since I forget about this unpleasant event and being with her you would too. She is so full of energy that I don't want to dwell on an unpleasant time of our life.

But since I am very competitive and very harsh on myself I have to admit that my race was very disapointing to me. Not all of the race but I did end the race at 10 min/mile pace (that hill just killed me) when I did probably 2/3 of the race at 9-9:30 and both Bryan and Jessica the first one pushing a stroller with 2 kids and the second on running on a sprained toe finished at 9:35-9:40 min/miles.
I felt like a big slug and not too sure that I can pull off that half marathon in like what 3 months!
Eventhough I felt deflated it was a nice race and I will try again. This was my first race ever and I didn't quite know what to expect, I didn't have my music which was a big mistake and I didn't realize that the finishing line was at the end of the hill. I think I would have pushed a little harder on that hill.
Ah well enough Me me me... we had a great time. It was great to see Miles super excited to go to a race, I want to find him a kid race.
After that event we went for breakfast at the coffee cup and we waited for an hour but omg the breakfast there is so good the potatoes especially. Then we went to the children's museum downtown. It was awsome.
Now time to chill out with a nice glass of wine and be proud of who we are...
I'm sure if I say that enough time I'll end up believing it ahahah.

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Bunny said...

no hills in carlsbad half!!