Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another saturday in paradise...

I know I complain a lot about the weather and the fact that it is like 85 degrees fahrenheit (28 celsius) in mid november. This totally sucks for my running cuz I hate running in the heat and now it is dark super early. However today I sure enjoyed the weather.
We spend some time at the beach. The kids played in the sand and the water crazy!, Bryan surfed of course and I read a little bit.
Today I was way too lazy to go for a bike ride which was partly due to this new chick lit that I started yesterday and I can't put down so I read until like 12:30 and the kids woke up nicely at 7 am this morning :(
Anyways nothing that a nice cup of coffee can't cure, after cleaning the kitchen mess from last night making some banana pancakes from my fav recipe site williams sonoma and ok a 10K project on our backyard auouch we went to the beach.

I started knitting again, I just finished a sweater for Miles and I am hoping to finish one for Maia soon. Sophie in a yarn store is like a kid in a toy store. I think I get more excited than when I go into a clothe store or even shoe store.
I just love the colors, the textures and the creativity.
So anyways I willed myself into buying only what I needed and one pattern book. Miles already ordered his next sweater too cute.

Besides that not too much, I am cooking bolognese sauce since our neighbors are coming for dinner.
Last night I settled for chicken with paprika, wild mushroom and creamy sauce over rice. Yummy but not healthy at all. At lunch I had a lamb burger again yummy but not healty and I am still full.
I feel such like a blob right now but ah well I'll run my 7-8 miles tomorrow and all will be better.
Anyways better help the hubbie who had to deal with the little one falling into the toilet and then peeing on the floor ahahahah. Parenthood is always an adventure ;)

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Bunny said...

ahahahah maia fell in the toilet?? poor thing.