Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sushi here we come...

Yeah we are going to sushi tonight!!!! wait why am I so exited we only go to sushi like almost once week and never less than once month ahahah but I am sooo addicted and I am looking forward to tonight.
In the mean time I am glad to report that this really irritating week has ended. Nothing major happened but just a series of little nagging events happened all week long.

The tempermental treadmill which turned a 5 miles run into a 2.5, a presentation which took a lot of my week, a wallet who played hide and seek and won, a DVD who decided to stutter just at the end of a Bones episode leaving us frustrated after trying to play it in 3 different computer, a cold which decided to show up a week before my 10K.

On the other hand this week wasn't all bad, I did run a "real" tempo run with Jessica at 9:35 min/miles pace even with a little walking break, my presentation did go well, I did manage to cook something for Miles classroom potluck if only a salad. Sorry Maia I ran out of salad and energy for yours on friday .

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