Sunday, November 9, 2008

Week end

As usual we had a frantic week end...
Friday evening cheese fondue was on the menue so lots of white wine and late night. The kids for some reason woke up earlier than usual so the crazy idea of running by myself pushing the stroller turned it a nice cup of coffee and a trip to the zoo followed by brunch at our favorite place BeachGrass cafe in Solana beach.
Later I actually motivated myself to go for a bike ride with my neighbor which was nice a relaxing then park and movie galore with the kids. James and the Giant peach and Meet the Robinsons a good distraction from little Einsteins.
Sunday morning was a traumatizing experience both for Maia and us, she had a first swimming lesson and although she loves the water wasn't too happy with being left alone with the teacher. She screamed the first 15 minutes until a very nice second teacher soothed her the next 15 minutes. Miles on the other hand had a blast.
After brunch, grocerie shopping tiddying up the house we went on our run. I had 7 miles planned and felt like going to bed. But huffed and puffed Bryan pushing the stroller and me pushing my butt and we had a really nice 7.9 miles which would have been 8 if Maia didn't lose her flip flop. But hey this seals my weekly record at 18.1 miles!!!!
Now I have to tackle my laundry pile :( but I think I am going to plop my butt on the couch for a little bit. The first time of the day!

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Bunny said...

awesome job on the run!