Monday, November 17, 2008

Sooo late

Short post since I should probably be sleeping by now but I still have some laundry to do! Can't we invent this great little robot do unload, fold and put away laundry!
Anyways sunday morning swimming lesson was less traumatic for the whole family. Maia almost smiled but kind of frowned the whole time which is a huge step up from the screams of despair we had last sunday. Miles of course loved it.
After that we spent the afternoon at home, enjoying the 90 degree weather (30-35) trying to motivate to go for our long run. Since I weasled my way out of my bike ride it was tough to weazle my way out of my run too. Especially with all the moaning and whining I do about my weight appearance etc... So thank god the temperature went down enough for us to run a pleasant 5.2 miles.
Today I did some yoga with Jessica since I don't think I really stretched for the past 2 weeks and like 30 miles! I can tell you that my legs were tight but then again I am not known for my flexibility. She did made me do the bridge with my head on the floor that was painful for me but to look at too I'm sure.
I only put my head on the ground. I tried again later tonight to show my husband but he just laughed at my effort...
Anyways I am sore and I really hope that the temperature is going to be better tomorrow.

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