Friday, November 14, 2008

What's for dinner...

Oh boy when every night of the week I struggle to find something to cook we are in trouble. It is time to open up the cookbooks and look for new ideas. Thanks to Jamie Oliver I can find multitudes of ideas now the difficult part is to figure out what the dinner menu will consist of. I have pork chop in the fridge, chicken and ground beef in the freezer. It is already 7:40 and all I know I want something good which isn't "my idea" of fast food.
I think we have a particular definition for fast food which is easy to prepare food also food that can be prepared by my husband. The favorite of the moment are ravioli with brocolinis a little cream and some olive oil. The other one is Potato Cheddar pirogis, first sauteed in a little bit of olive oil, I then add a little cream, chopped cilantro. Bryan on the other hand developed a very interesting sauce. Once the pirogis are crispy he sautee them in General Tsao sauce. Then he adds soy sauce and balsamic vinegar. Sometimes we also have tamales from Tradder Joes.
So now I am starving and hungry something but I don't quite know what!

Today didn't escape the series of blah Friday, I went to the bookstore looking for garden magazine in order to present the landscape artist what I have in mind for our backyard project and came out with runner magazine and two books. Then I went for lunch at the little sushi place and ate sushi at the bar while reading a book.
Finally I wanted to buy some mums to test the pomander making but nothing in the store inspired me! Sorry Jessica. In other word I should have gone swimming although now I have something to read!
On a bright note I completed the project I have been struggling with all week Yuppi onto another challenge/puzzle. Also I finally put together the family pictures requested by the kids teacher just about 6 month ago! I feel such like a bad mother.
So onto the beginning of my post what the heck are we going to have for dinner tonight:
- potato leek soup
- pork chop with something
- gnocchi with some kind of sauce
- I have no F... clue
- Just wine...

I almost forgot but yesterday I flew my husband's newest toy which is an indoor little plane. It was actually really fun but really looks and sounds like a dragonfly.

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