Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sake talk

Since the results of the body fat calculator of the magazine didn't make me happy and I can't really lose 3% body fat overnight I decided to recalibrate my body fat scale. Yeah my 2 year old is able to recalibrate the age, and height but it took me 10th trys and some serious motivation me on the acceptance range to do it.
So this morning just before my shower like every morning I know I'm insane here I am on the scale. This is a much nicer body fat measurement which puts me in between the in shape and acceptance zone, it is the gray zone the no man's land. This is made me much happier.
Especially because I knew today I wouldn't be able to make it to my swimming session. Lots stacked up at work and those longer runs take too much time at lunch for me. I either have to run faster thus more mileage in less time, get out of bed at 6 and run before the kids get up or run less! Thankfully the bulk of my training is going to be during my vacation in France.
Today I went to lunch really quick lunch with Jessica. It is actually nice to sit down and have a meal together and talk instead of either running alongside at the gym with our headphones jammed in our ears or via a keyboard. we can actually talk to each other and not t
When I complained to her that I was tired and not really in the mood for cooking she convinced me, I am weak, to go out to sushi my favorite. However when I invited them to join us she came up with a lame excuse... Hmmmm I wonder why a dinner with 2 young kids at a restaurant wasn't too apealing ;), maybe because she did it before and competing for attention with a 4 year old may be out of her league... Sorry I'm getting carried out and very facetious ;)
Then I folded 3 loads of laundry in front of 3 episodes of Bones one episode for a load ;) Gosh I love that show.... Then off to bed cuz tomorrow I have 5 miles tempo run scheduled and I'd like to make it in tempo time if weather permits meaning in San Diego terms if the temperature is below 80!

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Bunny said...

hahahah i know my excuse was lam-o. i'm difficult to budge once i have a schedule set :).