Monday, November 10, 2008

Lost and found...

OMG I felt like such a moron this morning.
After going back and forth about 10 times between the car and the house to gather all of the few items I need for the day, my brain or what is left of it and if you so much think of helping me I will scream and throw a fit" phase we are on our way to the daycare.
As we drive up North Torrey Pines about 4 miles from the house I hear a clonk clonk noise. Hmmm I asked the kids if the dump any of their book which follows by a battle of "Miles do it" "No I didn;t do anything" etc... As I step out of the daycare some 15 minutes later wanting to inform my dear husband of the whereabout of the stuffed animals Baby and Bear, the center console is staring up at me empty. Where the eck is my cell phone I swear I can visualize it sitting neatly in the center console. But then my 2 brain cells rub together (hey give me a break I haven't had coffee nor breakfast yet!) and that was the noise, my cell phone taking a dive from the top of my car and exploding miserably on the side of the road!
I already lost this month, brand new headphones and my Montblanc pencil that I got for my 18th birthday :( Arghhh I feel like when I was pregnant without the excuse (the baby)

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