Thursday, November 20, 2008


A few nights ago I did write this long post since it had been a very frustrating day but of course the laptop I was on lost the connection and my post got lost in lalala land bewteen my computer and the server which totally summarize my day.
Anyways it was tuesday interval day and after fighting trying to figure out this health insurance coverage thing I went to gym with Jessica. We went early so all the treadmills were free... The weather of course super dry and hot. Anyways feeling like walking rather than sprinting I started my warm up after 5 minutes I zap myself on the treadmill which in returns just dies. Start again 5 minutes later same thing..... Grrrrrr... Switch treadmills, warm up 5 more minutes and do my first intervals, cool down and as I start my second half mile interval at 9:15 min/mile pace the treadmill dies once more. This totally disrupted my rythm I decided to stop after a 2.5 miles the lowest mileage in like 14 weeks! I decided to go back to the gym in the evening.
Disgusted I get back to my desk only to find an email from my boss volonteering me to do a presentation on thursday morning at 8:30am.
Of course frantically I try to gather some thoughts about the backbone of my presentation and now I have to get the kids from school and of course here goes my second half of my run.
Anyways wednesday was spent working to put together this presentation no break for lunch, so no swim, worked until 7:30pm. Thank go for my husband!
Thai for dinner, call from the boss discussion about the presentation at 10pm, scratchy throat and running around frantically to clean up a little before the house keeper.
The presentation wen well although I feel like it lasted 2 minutes and today was recovering from the preparation of that talk. Jessica took me for a 3 mile tempo run and i did succeed to drag her outside and we started soooo fast and we kind of got tired midway through, had to stop a little bit because of side stich and then sprinted down hill and ended up at 9:35 even with the walking.
We were both panting for a while. It was fun though. I like running with someone who is as fast as you and as "competitive". We have a great dynamic and push each other without competing in a bad way. Really fun
Then I left work a little early and spend 30 minutes at Anthropologie to scout for christmas gift for my sister. This store is evil, I found so much... But settled for a really cute hat and a cute blouse which I would have gladly kept for mysefl. I did buy myself a white shirt on super sale for 20$ did try the cutest dress but 99$ was out of my budget!
Anyhow I need to go cook since my lunch was very miscellaneous : small bag of cheetos, a banana, the second half of my chocolate croissant with a hot tea, half a rice cake before realizing that I was craving salty rather than sweet, and popcorn. Needless to say I am famished!
Yes I forgot to mention that I am getting sick!!! a week before my 10K Grrrr.... I have to at least run 8 miles this saturday but may just go for 5

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