Thursday, November 6, 2008


So today I had a brow wax appointment just next to the Limited. I popped in just after to check out their dress since I am still kindof shopping for Jessica's wedding and the company party.
I found a strapless pink dress that was perfect for the burgundy sandals I had but I knew Bryan would not love the shape.
I did try it on and it looked really nice but I still asked the lady if they had it in black and she brought me this one.

This is exactly what I was looking for. I knew Bryan would love it. It fit perfectly and for once I feel good and beautiful! To top it all it was reasonnably priced. I felt a little guilty since I bought a pair of pants at lunch on "gilt". This site should be renamed the Guilt!!!!

We will see if I can fit in the size 2 and I won't probably look like the model one can still dream but I am sure Bryan will appreciate the closer fit of those pants.
Anyways I do feel guilty for all the spending but I do feel pretty in the dress soooo I guess it is money well spent.
I guess all that running is paying off... I did another 5 miles outdoors today, it was hot but not too bad. I was sick to my stomach all afternoon lack of electrolytes.


Ryan Gordon said...

love the dress! very classic.

JV said...

LOVE the dress, as a matter of fact, I was hoping to buy a black strapless for the company party, so I have to scratch that idea...