Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 10K

We started our thanksgiving celebration by getting up at 6 am to go run a 10K. Bryan was wishy washy to go since rain was on the menu. When he looked at the forecast they predicting a 10% chance of rain. We loaded up the car with kids, strollers and en route for our 10K.
After my debacle of the 5K I was a little stressed. We met with Jessica and Ryan and Kevin although we lost them.
Here we are starting this 10K and of course in the midst of the crowd we ran a nice 9min/mile pace... At mile 2 my knee started giving me grief. Grrrr should have bought a new pair. Since I really really wanted to finish this race I decided to manage my knee and slow down a little and I was able to. At about 4 miles it started raining and then 2 minutes later it started pouring!!!! I sent Bryan up ahead so that the kids would not be too wet. At miles 5 Jessica and Ryan caught to me and nicely helped pushing through the last mile. I picked up my pace for the last miles and sprinted nicely in the last downhill before the finish line so when I hit the flat part I was not in a good shape but eventhough I slowed down a bit I finished and according to my Garmin and Jessicas we finished with an overall pace of 9:38!
I am so proud of that accomplishment.
But oh boy we were sooo drenched and as we walked back the car a few blocks away from the race we totally got dumped on and my shoes were so filled with water than they were making sloshing sound... We got the kids in the car, removed their soaking wet pants and put them in their car seat. Blasted hot air in the car and drove to a nice warm shower, followed by the best waffles ever thanks to a french chef yum yum.
Now I want to know the official race results and I will load the Garmin stuff and see a little better how the race was.
But a l'ordre du jour we are going to relax maybe even take a nap!
The turkey is brining in a brine mixt from Williams sonoma I didn't have time to buy all the spices to make my own and buttermilk, I will make some stuffing too and mashed potatoes and some chocolate mousse or cake.
Stay tune for more....

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